Frequently Asked Questions - Royal Club Of Embroidery Designs

Questions about signing up

1. Is there a minimum subscription period ?

No, you can cancel your membership anytime you want.

2. How much does it cost to be a full member ?

Monthly Membership $9.95 for one month
Quarterly Membership $22.95 for 3 months
Semiannually Membership $39.95 for 6 months
Annually Membership $59.95 for one year
Lifetime Membership $129.95.

4. Payment by check/money order

I'm sorry, but it is not possible to pay by check or money order. But the online payment, which is available, is secure.

5. How can I become a full member ?

Click on Join and select your options.

6. Can I see the designs before becoming a member ?

Sure, just click on the Designs button at home page and you can see all designs at our website.

7. I live in a country which does not use USD, EURO or GBP - Can I join ?

Yes you can, when you use your credit card the amount is automatic converted to your local currency.

8. How long time does it take before I can start downloading the designs ?

You can download designs instantly after compleate your registration.

9. Is my credit card handled securely ?

Yes, your credit card information will be transfered on a secure connection to the trusted company who handles the payment. They will be the only one who knows your credit card (Not even I will know it).


Questions about the designs

1. Not sure what format to download for your machine ?

Babylock : All models PES

Bernina : Deco 330 PES / Deco 340 EXP / Deco 500 PES / Deco 600 PES / Deco 650 PES / Artista 165E ART / Artista 170E ART / Artista 180E ART / Artista 185QE ART / Artista 200E ART / Artista 630E EXP / Artista 640E EXP / Artista 730E EXP / Artista 430E ART / Artista 440QE ART / Artista 450E ART / Artista 730 EXP

Brother : All models PES

Elna : Envision 9006 SEW / Envision 8006 SEW / Envision 8007 SEW / Envision CE20 SEW / Xplore 8200 JEF / Xplore 8600 JEF

Husqvarna : Designer 1 EXE(SHV)/ZIP(SHV) / Designer 2 HUS / Designer Epic VP3 / Designer SE VP3 / Designer Jade VP3 / Designer Topaz VP3 / Designer Diamond VP3 / Emerald 116 VP3 / Emerald 118 VP3 / Iris HUS / Platinum HUS / Rose HUS / Scandinavia 300 HUS / Scandinavia 400 HUS /

Janome : Envision 8006 SEW / Envision 8007 SEW / Envision CE20 SEW / Memory Craft 300E JEF / Memory Craft 5000 SEW / Memory Craft 5700 SEW / Memory Craft 8000 SEW / Memory Craft 9000 SEW / Memory Craft 9500 JEF / Memory Craft 9700 JEF / Memory Craft 10000 JEF / Memory Craft 10001 JEF / Memory Craft 11000 JEF / Xplore 8200 JEF / Xplore 8600 JEF

Kenmore : Elite 19005 JEF / Elite Ergo 19010 JEF / Kenmore 19000 SEW / Kenmore 19001 SEW

Melco : All models EXP

Pfaff : Creative 2124 PCS / Creative 2134 VP3 / Creative 2140 VIP / Creative 2144 VIP / Creative 2170 VP3 / Creative 7560 PCS / Creative 7570 PCS

Singer : All models XXX

Tajima : All models DST

Still not sure? Then please contact me at [email protected] and I will try to help you.

2. How often are new designs added ?

New designs are added every week.

3. How can I download the designs for my Designer 1

a - Download any design you want from our website.

b - Extract Zip file via winrar or winzip for windows computer / just double click for mac users

c - Select ”Run this program from its current location”

d - Select "Yes"

e - Insert a 3.5” disk into your computer. Select "Ok"

f - Insert the disk into your sewing machine, and you are ready to go

4. How can I download the designs for other machines

a - Download any design you want from our website.

b - Extract Zip file via winrar or winzip for windows computer / just double click for mac users

c - Save the design to your hard drive.

5. Which formats are available ?

The most commonly requested formats: ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, VIP, VP3, XXX.

6. Where do the designs come from ?

All the designs have been digitized by a professional digitizing company, so the quality of the designs will not vary.


Questions about your membership

1. How can I cancel my subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription either by contacting us or you can cancel it yourself.

2. I have forgotten my username and password

Click at Forgot password? and type in your email and click on "Get Password".

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Due to the nature of these electronically transmitted files, refunds are not available. If you need to cancel your reoccurring subscription, you can do so by emailing us at [email protected] before the next renewal date.

5. Can I change my username or password ?

Click at Customer Profile and you can change your account information.